Parking Lot Lighting & Repair

Not only is Southern Signs & Lighting Maintenance ready to tackle all varieties of advertisement signs and lighting, but we also offer the best in Parking lot, Garage, Interior and Exterior Premise Lighting service! Let us come and take care of those nagging outages that affect your company’s image, security, and customer safety. Southern Signs & Lighting Maintenance will restore your location’s full lighting, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing your premise as well as your customers are safe and secure.

Whether it is a burned out parking garage fixture, soffit lighting, wall packs, or anything else, Southern Signs & Lighting Maintenance has the products, tools, and equipment to fix it. Additionally, we make ourselves available when disaster strikes with 24-hour, emergency service covering not only the Atlanta area, but also Morrow, McDonough, Locust Grove & Peachtree City.

Lighting Repair

Our Southern Signs & Lighting Maintenance team is prepared to service any type of lighting fixture on your property. Whether it is parking lot lights that are out, parking garage fixtures, interior or exterior lighting, premise lighting, Sign Lighting or something else (LED or NEON), we have the equipment to reach it and the experience to get it working properly. Give us a call today or shoot over a service request and a friendly Service Manager will be right with you to discuss your lighting repair needs!


Your sign is only as good as its installation, and an installation is only as good as the installer. Without a proper, safe and uncompromising installation, the quality of your sign’s design and manufacturing just don’t matter.

All of your installation needs can be handled by our installation experts. Our technicians arrive on-site with a fully equipped vehicle to get the install job done with quality workmanship. With a diverse fleet of service vehicles, the latest tools and technology and years of experience we’re ready to provide you with top-notch installation service for any sign.

Our own crew of experienced, licensed professionals afford us the knowledge and the expertise needed to deliver the results you’re looking for. Our work complies with all of the local and state code requirements, ensuring that the job is done right the first time, every time.

We look forward to working with you and your team to complete your installation project on time, and on budget.

Please contact us today and learn more about how we can help you!


Sign making is more than a process. It’s an art. As your sign maker, we take great care in designing and creating high quality signs tailored to meet your individual needs.

We start by using the highest quality materials and the best technology available. Our state of the art equipment ensures that your sign will be manufactured to meet exacting specifications.

Let us do the work, and our promise to you will be a high-quality, high-impact sign that helps your business grow.

  • Design – We’ll take your vision and present a professional design that incorporates your logo, company colors, and message
  • Satisfaction – We’ll do it right. The first time. We’ve built our reputation by providing the best customer service and exceeding client expectations
  • Quality – Combine the highest quality materials with our years of sign making experience and you know that your sign will be made right.


Clean, functioning signs and lighting can increase customer traffic and instill a sense of security around your business. After all, the first impression many customers may have about your business is your sign.

Our trained and licensed technicians arrive on-site with a fully equipped vehicle to get the job done. They will diagnose any problems quickly and deliver fast, accurate service to get your sign back in working condition. All of our technicians are provided with mobile communication, so that they can effectively communicate with our main office and you to ensure that we make the repairs needed as quickly as possible.

In addition to general repair services we also offer emergency repair, sign cleaning and scheduled maintenance.

Sign Repair 

We specialize in sign repair in Georgia. Southern Signs & Lighting Maintenance recognizes that the sign on your building is the face of your business, and that its condition has a direct bearing on how you are perceived by the public. Here at Southern Signs & Lighting Maintenance we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get, and keep, this part of your business in top shape!  We are committed to helping businesses be their best, and that’s why we make ourselves available for emergency and 24-hour sign repair needs.

Southern Signs & Lighting Maintenance is an industry leader with a proven track record in sign repair. Our sign repair technicians have the experience, skill, and equipment to address the sign and lighting needs of your organization no matter how big or small. Whether Pole or Pylon Sign, Neon Channel Letters or LED, Parking Garage, Parking Lot, or Building Lighting Fixtures, it doesn’t matter. Give us a call today and let us delight you with our sign repair service whether you are in Jackson, Locust Grove, McDonough, Macon or Anywhere in Georgia, Give us a call!

Welcome to Southern Sign & Lighting Maintenance, serving Middle Georgia. Spanning from Macon to Morrow, and from Thomaston to Conyers, we can handle just about any type of sign or lighting repair, maintenance, or servicing.  Our professional technicians work hard to keep your business looking bright & looking good.  You work hard every day on your business, and keeping your lighting bright is helpful to maintain the professional image that you need.  

Energy-Efficient Lighting 

Do you have any idea how much your outdated lighting is costing you each month? In this economy, businesses are trying to boost their bottom line anywhere they can and often that means cutting variable costs. We suggest your power bill as the first place to start.

LED, HID, and a number of other high-tech options are available for energy-efficient lighting. By making the switch to energy-efficient lighting, you will drastically cut your monthly energy bills, relieving the strain on your costs and on the environment. Furthermore, with the EXPONENTIALLY longer life of the products we install, you are looking at years of maintenance-free lighting. This, combined with savings from what you would otherwise be spending on regular maintenance, results in both an immediate and long term return on your investment.